Forms Library

The following is a description of the major E-rate forms applicants are required to file each Funding Year:

Form 470

This form describes the services and/or products you are seeking.

Form 471

This form lists the specific services that you are requesting E-rate discounts for and the entities that are eligible to receive these services. This form also establishes the discount rate.

Form 486

This form is sent to the SLD to indicate that it (or the eligible entities it represents) is receiving or has received service from the service provider(s) with which it contracted for E-rate eligible services. When the USAC-SLD receives a properly completed Form 486, it triggers the process for the actual payment of discounts to the service providers.

Form 472 (B.E.A.R.)

This form is the tool used to request reimbursement for E-rate discounts on approved services.

Form 500

This form is used to adjust or modify approved funding commitments.

All program forms and instructions can be found on the USAC-SLD website by clicking here.