Rosenworcel and Carr Voted onto the Federal Communications Commission

On August 3rd, the United States Senate voted to confirm Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Brendan Carr to the Federal Communications Commission.  The commission is now at full force with five members.

Jessica Rosenworcel served as commissioner during the prior administration, and still, says she’s ‘committed to strengthening the program to the extent that is within her power’.

Brendan Carr most recently served as the FCC’s general counsel.

“Their experience at the FCC makes them particularly well-suited to hit the ground running,” said Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman.  “I’m pleased that the FCC will once again be at full strength and look forward to collaborating to close the digital divide, promote innovation, protect consumers, and improve the agency’s operations.”

Pai was appointed to serve another term as FCC chairman and has assumed the role, however the Senate declined to reconfirm the chair at their recent meeting.  They will vote later this calendar year after summer recess.