Full Service E-rate Management

When you partner with E-RATE ONLINE, an expert team of consultants will work with your business and technology services staff to develop a customized, comprehensive system of compiling, organizing, tracking and submitting E-rate information to meet all of your critical deadlines.

All you have to do is provide us with the data and we’ll take care of the rest, including:

Eligibility and Compliance Assurance

E-RATE ONLINE will consult with your team to review program rules (i.e. contract procurement, contract status, CIPA compliance) and implement changes where they’re required. At this stage, you’ll also receive an assessment of your current contracts to understand where you stand today and how we can help you enhance your situation for tomorrow. Lastly, before you consider a telecommunications service for purchase, E-RATE ONLINE will ensure that no bidding documents with program rules or contract provisions are violated.

Discount Percentage Optimization

With a big picture view of where you stand and through a diligent process of digging deeper into the details to uncover what others won’t bother to look for, the experts at E-RATE ONLINE work to maximize your discount percentage rate (based on student eligibility of the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program) so that you receive the maximum funding each year.

Meticulous Form Submittal

E-RATE ONLINE will take the stress out of the complexities of the filing process and file all E-rate program applications on your behalf, ensuring that the filing is done right and you meet all critical deadlines.

PIA Review/Audit Defense

Similar to an IRS audit, E-RATE ONLINE takes responsibility for each application submitted to the USAC-SLD. This is beneficial because in the event of an audit, all responsibility falls on us, not you.

Reimbursement Tracking & Collection

After the forms have been submitted, E-RATE ONLINE monitors the reimbursement process and works directly with you to determine how you’d like to receive your reimbursements (check or credit). Throughout the year, you’ll be kept up-to-date on the status of your reimbursement, including how much has been received to date and the remaining balance before the close of each fiscal year.

Advanced Programs

Is your organization interested in exploring E-rate funding for a more advanced project, such as a Leased Wide Area Network? The experts at E-RATE ONLINE are ready to help. Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from a diligent process to secure funding for these types of advanced service programs.

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